PPC Management

Looking for Google Ads campaign management?

As Google Ads advertising consultants we create, manage and optimize our clients’ accounts in Google Ads. We focus on optimizing your campaigns and giving you maximum profitability, providing you with a better ROI. There is no minimum or maximum investment. Our only objective is to grow your business, working together in the same direction.

Google Ads charges us for CPC (Cost Per Click), that is, it is only paid when the user clicks on your ad. Google charges the card or bank account that is registered in your Google Ads account, when a period of 30 days has elapsed. Although it can be modified to take place after 100 days.

PPC Management Service at DMC-360

Google Ads search ads will appear mostly at the top of the Google search engine. You can decide in which geographical location you want your ads to appear, the audience you want them to target, the words for which you want your ads to jump, among many other ad segmentation factors that Google allows us to use, to reach the potential customers at the right time and place. In addition to being able to exclude those for which you are not interested in your ads being displayed.

Why Choose UsĀ 

We are focused on making your campaigns perform as well as possible, with measurable results through constant monitoring and evaluation by our team of specialists in Google Adwords. All in order to optimize your campaigns so that you only pay the minimum necessary in each of them. This is achieved through the improvement of the quality level of your ads, in addition to the correct segmentation of them, so that it reaches a suitable audience and is genuinely interested in the product or service you offer.

To do this, we carry out a preliminary study, both of the sector where your company is located and of the keywords to use and the most appropriate means to reach your target audience. In addition to advising you and providing you with multiple strategies to achieve your goals in the most profitable and optimal way possible.

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We create and configure your paid SEM and PPC advertising campaigns. Through Google Ads we optimize and make profitable your search, display, shopping, video and application campaigns . For this, we have a highly qualified team certified by Google in the knowledge and good use of its tools, with many years of experience in creating and managing accounts.

We improve your positioning through PPC campaigns. So that you appear among the top search positions of Google and on its main platforms, from the first moment. In this way we capture quality traffic and send it directly to your website, paying the minimum necessary, thanks to the adjustments and segmentation we carry out.