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The arrival of social networks revolutionized everything, including the way of doing business. Today we all belong to a cyber society. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have become a source of power for all who are looking to take their business to another level.
With this, it is important to know how to manage and manage social networks, as they can certainly lead to failure. So to take advantage of the benefits they bring, we simply have to go in the right direction. Besides, it is essential to have well-structured strategies that help you identify where your target audience is.
Today we ask ourselves, what must we do to have a successful digital business? To help you enter this world and to provide you with the necessary tools, we have prepared the following article with key points to keep in mind. Come on!

The importance of online marketing for your digital business

Before knowing what is the importance of marketing for the online business model, we must know what it is. Digital marketing, also known as marketing 2.0 is simply the unification of all the technologies on the network to promote products or services.

It is no secret to anyone that companies face a globalized world, with business, political and socio-economic challenges that demand attention and communication. This implies that both the public and the consumer demand more and more information than what is offered to them. For this reason, companies have been forced to look for new ways to be present in the customer’s mind, and what better way to take advantage of the Internet.

The fact that a company is in social networks gives you the possibility of having more visibility and transcendence of the brand than it could have with conventional advertising. Now, how important is this for digital business?

Undoubtedly the importance lies in the fact that it is a key piece for the development of the company, especially nowadays where everyone is immersed in the Internet. Digital marketing allows you to know more directly the profile of the target audience, know what their needs and desires are to satisfy them quickly, and be able to compete with the rest of the companies.

In short, it is an excellent way to show users the best face of the image of the company, business, or person. At the same time, it is a springboard to achieve brand recognition at an international level.

 Tricks and tips to manage the social networks of your company or online business like a professional

The fact that the digital world is a good field for your startup or company, does not mean that it will be successful because online sales have many challenges, some of them very particular.

So before I reveal the advice, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it viable to sell my product online?
  • What does my client earn buying online?
  • What kind of store do I need to have to be successful?
  • Who could be my strategic partner for distribution?

If you already answered these questions and you are clear about your business model, here are some tricks so that you can fine-tune details and open your doors to virtual clients.

Know your target audience

The most important thing is to know the audience you want to target, because as you know each one has different needs, so the content will be different when communicating it. Selling to a man is not the same as selling to a woman, for example. To identify your target to know which segments you are going to focus on.

For this you must carry out a market study, what is this? It is the easiest way to identify and know the key points of your client group. The process consists of the first contact with people through surveys, tastings, recognition with other businesses, etc. The base of all the tower you are about to build is this, it includes all of the following if this fails your model will fail.

You must know the demographic characteristics (age, sex, place of residence, social characteristics, occupation, income, presence in social networks, and others). The result of this will help you position yourself and attract the right customers quickly.

Work a high-value lead magnet

We could define a lead magnet as a gift of value that is given to the user, an example could be a discount for online purchases in your store or a mini version of what you will sell later. With this, you will not only get me to leave your contact details, but it will also allow you to carry out advanced actions that will help you boost your sales funnel.

Without forgetting that it is a way to give them a bit of what you sell. This is the easiest way to capture more leads. Also, it offers you a very good advantage, and it is the fact that it leaves you access to a database of people interested in what you offer.

Choose the most suitable channels for your company

The success of your business does not depend on you being on all social networks, but on the one that best helps you reach your goal.  This is a very common mistake that companies make. It is necessary to know and know very well the platforms on which we are going to position our venture, market research also depends on this. Analyzing in which your company or brand should be present is the main step to identify the meaning that it will have.

Digital media can be more than your communication channel, it can be one that helps you grow. So let’s take a look at what the main networks where your business should be based on their interest offer.

  • Facebook: It is not a secret that this is the network with the most monthly active users in the world, because it has powerful advertising. But beware, this does not mean that it is the only one. Mainly it works very well for consumer markets or mass-market companies.
  • Twitter: Although it was a great feat at the time, as a business model it does not have much scope. Despite this, it is good for those models where there must be high interaction with users, for example for telephone companies, banking services, the media, and the like.
  • Instagram: is a network that can dynamically share content with photos and videos. It is compatible with SMEs and large companies, as well as for mass or business markets. Her model is related to fashion, health, food, lifestyle, sports, technology, among others. This offers a great advantage and is that it offers you the possibility of positioning your business in a particular geographical location. So if you want to try and go beyond your borders, this will serve you.
  • LinkedIn:  This network, although a little unknown by some, is perfect for the business sector. It handles very well with the financial, computer, industrial, and technological sectors. This is a leader in the business-oriented relationship of B2B companies. So if your goal is other companies, this offers great networking opportunities.
  • Youtube: This interface is the second most used behind Google, it is extremely useful for companies that must continuously generate content or want to enhance their brand or business with an inbound strategy. Also, this works very well for search engine positioning. If you want to advertise your products, it will be useful to promote them here through an exchange for example.
  • Pinterest:  This option is similar to Instagram, except that it focuses more than anything on the female audience and works well for those models immersed in the world of fashion, beauty, care, crafts, travel, and others. But to be in it you must have extremely striking graphic material because its magic lies in having a good image.

It should be noted that the selection of this also depends on the country where you are since in some countries some are managed more than others. They must all be connected to your website, if you have one, to drive traffic to it.

Optimize your social media profiles

Your profile on a social network is your cover letter. As they say ” an image is worth a thousand words “, and here everything is based on visual content, so you have to get the most out of this. A profile must have all the information of your company; the logo, the name, the location (if you also have a physical store), the URL of your website, if it has one, and a little history to tell about yourself or your brand. In short, everything that serves to make you known.

Even if the company has a high reputation, an incomplete and meaningless profile can transmit a bad image. When optimizing it, you must take into account the privacy settings, regardless of whether it is a personal or commercial brand, you must have public publications, so any user who sees an advertisement or recommendation of yours can enter your profile and view your content So if you find it interesting you can give it a ” Like ” or a ” Follow “.

Create an effective social strategy

Currently, most companies have a presence on social networks, but many of them are not clear about their business strategy, thus having too much improvisation. They are only focused on joining what is in fashion leaving Social Media plans forgotten, and if you do not believe us take a look at IGTV.

You must know that to sell it is important to have an effective strategy because the most important thing for this is to generate a flow in the networks in which you are present. To gain an advantage over the competition, you must involve your target audience, communicate effectively with a clear vision, and fulfill your marketing purposes.

Use Social Media tools and managers

To know if we are doing things well it is essential to have tools that help analyze your effectiveness, this will help you to know how many people have liked your page in the last week, how much reach you have had in the last month, how many users You have arrived, how many people have shared your publication or message, among others, in a few words they give you a global vision of the results of the accounts.

Some other social media tools and managers also help you organize and make your job easier, as they offer you the power to optimize time by helping you schedule messages with date and time.

Post valuable content

You have to be careful with what we say, do, and publish. A bad post can achieve the wrong effect. To determine what we are going to spread, we must be clear about why, what for and what we want to achieve, that is, where we need to go. If you define this you will know what content you must create to fulfill your mission.

One of the basic rules when communicating so as not to alienate your audience is to publish valuable content, which is relevant and according to what you offer, do not publish things for not leaving.

Take care of what you post on social networks

Just as it is important to know what should be published, it is also important to know what we should not spread. Don’t fall for the fact of seeking fame at any price and take care of what you want to achieve as a brand.

  • Don’t get involved in sensitive or controversial topics like religion or politics.
  • Do not copy from other brands, always be original, and create your content.
  • Bad spelling can damage your image.
  • Do not make filler posts, if you have nothing to say, better not say anything.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of design, remember that it is a key point.

How often should I post on social media?

Getting organized is the best way to avoid wasting time. Create a calendar about the publications you will make each day with their respective hours. When doing so, keep in mind that the idea is not to saturate with content because the audience is bored.

  • Facebook: For large brands, posting once a day is more than enough, as they already have a great reach. However, for small businesses, it is recommended to post about 5 times a day.
  • Twitter: The minimum figure is 3 tweets per day, but to be always present the ideal is 5-10 tweets a day.
  • LinkedIn: On this platform, it should be a post from Monday to Friday.
  • Youtube: At least one video per week, but if you want more it can be 2 or 3 videos per week.
  • Instagram: This is a bit stricter and therefore more care should be taken, at least one daily publication and at most 2. The best time is at 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and 2:00 AM.

Use hashtags to reach a larger audience

If you want to position yourself and attract more clients, start using hashtags. This is nothing more than a word preceded by a # symbol. This helps to group content under the same tag, for example: #InternetPasoaPaso. What is this for? Help people find you easily, gain reach, and set trends.

You can create them to differentiate yourself and create a sense of belonging or you can use an existing one and take advantage of the reach they have had to attract new followers.

Don’t just focus on selling

Another of the most common mistakes of many companies is that every time they launch a campaign they do so intending to sell something to their audience. This is not always a good thing, there are times when you need to make ads to educate consumers.

A clear example of this is what brands like CocaCola or MasterCard have done for decades. Instead of telling you to use their product directly, they show you the good and pleasant moments you can live using them. This is what is known as a “love mark”, which is when a brand creates such a strong connection with its audience that they feel emotionally attached to it.

List of management tools to program your social networks

As you have seen, carrying social networks is not an easy task, since managing them comprises a very complicated world that takes a long time. So having the right tools on hand could help you get better results. As you know in the market there are many, but here we name the top 5.


This is one of the best tools it is number 1 in the world. It offers a simple interface with very useful functions, with it you can control Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress accounts, and others. You can schedule posts, include and shorten links, upload photos, and even monitor comments.


This is specialized in the management of Facebook and Twitter. It will help you in the programming of tweets and content, in automating changes of state in the profiles and pages, monitoring of keywords, automatic elimination of private messages periodically, and others.


Do you waste a lot of time programming? If this is your case, we bring Buffer to you, this tool may be the solution to this problem. It offers a simple platform, although its disadvantage is that it is only in English, you can use Google’s translation tool. It’s great for creating calendars and scheduling your content quickly. You can use it for networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to know all the activities that our account generates, right? Well, with this you forget all that since it will facilitate the task of knowing how many accounts have stopped following you or those that have stopped publishing, fantastic, right? It should be noted that this works only for Twitter.


This platform is part of the Twitter community and is very similar to the first one we named. With it you will be able to manage all the accounts you want, control notifications, comments, messages and schedule your content to save time. One of its most relevant features is that you can add columns to the main window to see the trending hashtags and cause a stir.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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